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Group / Artist Updates

Posted by calvin_joy38 on October 20, 2014 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)


YungenzEnt AlmightyGang you know theres news once you hear that! So let's get started.


YungenzEnt AlmightyGang as a group and as solo artist have been working so hard to make their names be heard.


With Audacity dropping "No Hesitation" August 5th and following with his sophomore mixtape "All. In. My. Head" which was dropped October 11th he's given YungenzEnt AlmightyGang a kickstart.


since Audacity has kicked everything off for his team, it means he gotten evrything set up from Now until the END of 2014. With that being said.


November 4th, 2014 is a day to look for since C-Slick will be follwing after Audacity's "All. In. My. Head" (October 11th, 2014) mixtape. C-Slick will be releasing "Cool. Calm. Collected" (November 4th, 2014) Election Day! So you know Yungenz Ent AlmightyGang is working, C-Slick will have features by: Caroline Fox, Reggie Authur, Joely Wink, & Ky$hia! C-Slick went on to state "Cool. Calm. Collected" "Is the best mixtape I've put out since "Refurbished" and that was in 2012" C-Slick has put a lot of music out since then, and with that satement you know he was doing something wrong.


December 25th, 2014 what date is that!? Do you even get to sleep yet? After Audacity's "All. In. My. Head" (October 11th, 2014) and C-Slick's "Cool. Calm. Collected" (November 4th, 2014) Ky$hia will follow with her sophomore mixtape "Dedication" releasing (December 25th, 2014).


Now with Three artist from YungenzEnt AlmightyGang releasing mixtapes one month after the other, their flooding you with their music which is good! Be on the look out for "Cool. Calm. Collected" (November 4th, 2014) which will be releasing on & also be on the look out for "Dedication" (December 25th, 2014) sources in which the mixtape will be released are unknown.


Bad news for YungenzEnt AlmightyGang artist J Doke is no longer a member of the team.


Good News Kyrondo will begin to work on his mixtape "Trapped" hopefully releasing in 2015.


~YungenzEnt AlmightyGang

Brief Update On YungenzEnt / AlmightyGang

Posted by calvin_joy38 on July 25, 2014 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Kenard Joy CEO of YungenzEnt / AlmightyGang otherwise known as C-Slick or AlmightyC has recently signed YungezEnt / AlmightyGang Artist Kyshia Sutton aka Almighty$hy!

Audacity / AlmightyTay has a mixtape "No Hesitation" set to drop August 5th 2014 be on the look out!!

Ky$hia / Almighty$hy has a mixtape set to drop soon "The Come Up" release date is currently unknown

C-Slick / AlmightyC has "It's Almighty (The Album)" on iTunes for Pre-Order now! He also announced "The Almighty Crime Scene" Mixtape release date is unknown currently. 

~YungenzEnt / AlmightyGang Management 

2014 Summer

Posted by calvin_joy38 on June 29, 2014 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The return of artist known as 2K but now known as Kyrondo aka AlmughtyRon has returned, he is rumored to be the upcoming Album of his cousin and CEO of YungenzEnt© / AlmightyGang© C-Slick / AlmightyC. This album has be anticipated for awhile, and will be released soon on iTunes. The singles we've got to hear from C-Slick / AlmightyC makes it nerve wrecking, because we're so ready for the album to be released.

C-Slick / AlmightyC recently released these singles on

  • "Fuck D.C" (feat. Lxrd Cam) 
  • "Zero To Almighty" 
  • "KDC Chiefers" (C-Slick x Lxrd Cam)
  • "Bmore (Murderland)" (C-Slick & Audacity)
  • "I'm So Awesome"

Song "Fuck D.C" a diss song to D.C rapper GloBoyWill aka YoungSavage by AlmightyC x Lxrd Cam

Song "Zero To Almighty" banger, and gives you a taste of the upcoming album

Song "KDC Chiefers) with Lxrd Cam tells you about KDC! KDC Chiefers

Song "Bmore (Murderland)" A song all about Home Reputation!

Song "I'm So Awesome" 800 plays, 100+ downloads, some likes, and some reshares, shows that people are just waiting on the album

J Doke / AlmightyDoke will still be giving y'all the mixtape "Underrated" but he's currently having complications so expect that soon!

Kyrondo will be coming out with something soon, he promised! 

Audacity!? You know he does what he does and kills shit everytime he get on a track! It's AlmightyTay Nigga! 


Kenard aka C-Slick / AlmightyC & Kyron aka Kyrondo / AlmightyRon the CEO'S and Cousins are Rumored and Projected to work on a Album! The Twist their LAST ALBUM titled "Our Last Year" release date: No date at the time.

Will this be the last of YungenzEnt© / AlmightyGang© !? You decide 

Questions Questions

Posted by calvin_joy38 on March 23, 2014 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Where is 2K Aka AlmightyRon? Where has he been? 2K has been working on his mixtape "Trapped" most likely to drop this summer 2014, he is also working on an official album with his record label NewTradeRecords.

Where is JayDoke Aka AlmightyDoke? Where has he been? JayDoke has been working on his mixtape "Underrated" with SGE YungenzEnt, and AlmightyGang has been having trouble getting to the studio, but promises to get "Underrated" to drop as soon as possible.

Where is Aduacity Aka AlmightyTae? Where has he been? Audacity and C-Slick have been in communication, Audacity will be working on collabs. with C-Slick as soon as beats are open and then they will be able to get down to work. Audacity is still making music! 

Where is C-Slick aka AlmightyC? Where has he been? C-Slick has be live, he's been putting out a lot of covers, remixs, and singles, ever since "#7" was published as an Album on iTunes, C-Slick is currently working on "Undercover Shit" according to his Twiiter Account: (_AlmightyC) and we should be expecting that this summer, but who knows will it be a Album or Mixtape only time and his Twitter will tell.

YungenzEnt & AlmightyGang What should people expect? Leave that up to all of the Artist: Audacity, C-Slick, 2K, and JayDoke.YungenzEnt & AlmightyGang plan on adding more artist in the future according to @AlmightyRon 's Twitter account. The YungenEnt & AlmightyGang group founded by C-Slick are expected to be working hard and to bring you the most entertainment and music.

New Year New Squad 2014

Posted by calvin_joy38 on January 3, 2014 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a long time since any YungenzEnt, or AlmightyGang members released any mixtapes or singles! But don't think they're done doing what they've been doing since"Y.G.R.N" was big, because C-Slick aka AlmightyC is working on his 2014 mixtape "#7" official date is unknown. It doesn't end there, because 2K aka AlmightyRon is working on his 2014 mixtape as well called "Trapped" official date is unknown but expected to be released summer 2014! WE're still not done, with JDoke coming out with his 2014 mixtape too, called "UnderRated". These three mixtapes will give you everything you've been waiting for! The three mixtapes will bump, have a lot of features, and more! Because it's 2014!

2013 Schedule Yungenz.Ent

Posted by calvin_joy38 on January 9, 2013 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Yungenz.EntMusicGroup 2013 Schedule 

C-Slick's- Album "Refurbished" dropped 01/03/2013

Reggii Holiday- is working on Album "Ninety-Eight" set to drop this year 2013!

Yungenz.EntMusicGroup- is now working on their second mixtape no long going with "IcedOutPlatinumVol.2" instead it will be "Yungenz.EntMusicGroup Season.1" set to drop 2013! 

J Doke- has announced his "Underrated" Album he's currently working on, set to drop 2013!

Audacity & C-Slick- has announced that they will be working on their mixtape, the mixtape has yet to be titled. Set to release 2013!

There will be a Summer 13' Production this Summer! The Yungenz.EntMusicGroup will be featured in a Summer 13' film!